Conférence sur la cybercriminalité

Revoir la conférence :

Vendredi 16 février 2018 en direct du lycée Jean Lurçat de Perpignan de 10h à 12h

Dans le cadre de la semaine Internet organisée par les BTS SIO du lycée.


Vous pouvez suivre la conférence de M. Christian BIMBI, officier de police judiciaire en streaming :

- depuis le portail académique du pôle de visioconférence Visiacad en cliquant sur l'onglet Live en haut à droite :

- depuis la chaîne You Tube du BTS SIO :


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Conférence sur la cybercriminalité

Cyber Contest 2018 at Jean Lurcat High School in Perpignan

This week, we have a battle against other BTS SIO (Technician in computering certificate) in high schools from Serignan, Montpellier and Carcassonne, from February 12th to February 16th at Jean Lurçat in Perpignan, France.

Teams will be composed of 4 students, 2 in programming and 2 in networking. The teams are mixed among different schools. The group SLAM (Solutions Logicielles et Applications Métiers) will have to create a website. SISR (Solutions d'Infrastructure, Systèmes et Réseaux) will have to create a secure web network, network infrastructure including a web server to host the website.

The competition starts at 9am. The topics will be given at 9:30 am. Last year’s topic was “Once upon a time”.

To win, students will need :

The website must be finished, have a great aesthetic visual aspect, be easy to use, be original, and finally, be made by a team which has been able to work together efficiently.

During the 3 days, students from other schools (Marillac High School, Charles Blanc High School, Jean Lurçat High School) will observe and participate during 2 hours.

To close off the week, next Friday, a conference on cybercriminality security, is organized in the conference room of the High School Jean Lurcat. The conference given by M. Christian BIMBI, a police officer specialized in cybercriminality, will also be available with visio-conference on Youtube streaming and on the web platform of the Academy.

The winners will receive a prize Friday before the conference.

 Students from the Class SIO1